Friday, September 4, 2009

Work Crush

I have to write this.

I'm sitting on a train, half starved, sleep deprived, and grinning from ear to ear.

I don't know if its possible to fall in Love, - capital L LOVE, and at first sight, no less – with an entire business but I think I have a giant sized professional crush on Centertown Veterinary Hospital.
I interviewed there today and was absolutely smitten with the warmth of the place, with the level of care, with the way they look after their patients and their patients' people. For the first time in a very long time, it made me feel excited and proud to be a vet tech, and I wish very much that I had found this place sooner, instead of on the cusp between one career and another.

They are just so goood.

I won't know until later this weekend if I have the position or not. (i'll get a call either way, which is super nice) But i'm sitting here, on this train, trying to nap and I can't do it. I'm just too damned excited. Glowing with the possibility, I've just got this feeling that its all so right, that its my next step, and that I already belong there.

A part of my brain sits back and watches these flighty notions flapping against reason like birds against glass,
Dont get your hopes up, kid. Nothing is 100 percent.
But I don't care.
I want it. And I want to enjoy the suspense, and the completely punch drunk, unabashedly enamoured crushy goodness of it all.

Dear Centertown Vet. :
Do you like me?
Check YES or NO

How deliciously ridiculous.

I've decided not to entertain (court?) the possibility of disappointment until it is presented, - grudgingly acknowleded like the last scrawny little knock-knee'd kid to be picked for the gym class rugby team.

I choose cockiness. I chose jocular overconfidence mixed with unabashed adoration. I choose to get my hopes up, fling them, with a slingshot and bottle rockets, to the moon.

I'll keep you posted, kittens.
And all of you must keep your toes and fingers crossed.