Sunday, April 20, 2008

you happy now

You know those days that are kind of great, but for no good reason?

Today was one of those.

I got to sleep in and gently drift to consciousness without the assistance of a screeching alarm clock, have breakfast at a sugar shack with McKenna and Simon, Dig out my bike and go for a tour (albeit a tiny one) with Shawn and Mikey, and then have drinks and eats with my cuz Shianne and Auntie Chris and her friend Sue.
The sun was shining, the conversation was good and i didn't do a SINGLE productive thing, all day. Plus i got invites to play Road Hockey, Go Hot Tubbing, and go Whitewater rafting. (yes, yes and YES! )

And somebody said my skin looks nice, and not in the creepy, 'are you about a size twelve?' silence of the lambs kind of way either.

The only parts that sucked were trying on bathing suits ( I've decided that i look better naked than in spandex, by the way, and that skinny dipping is definitely the way to go - i've known that since i was about 3, actually - and i will only ever wear a bathing suit again if its a choice between that or fines for public indecency - "*sigh* Tuttle's naked again...better call the cops...." )

AND i never DID find anyone to play frisbee with! Not a single, solitary throw...TSK! So be forewarned...I have now given up on asking, pestering, pleading, begging, wheedling, trying to subliminally mind rape, coax, cajole, or blandish anyone into playing with me.

The new rules are as follows:

1. It shall be understood that any time i am speaking with you, hanging out with you, in the same postal code, or in an upright position and or breathing between now and November 1st, that i am likely to have a frisbee on my person.

2. The frisbee does NOT have to be in plain sight for a game to be initiated.

3. At any point during said ' hang out' , i may launch the Frisbee towards your face, provided that i shout your name before it actually gets there.

4. You will simply be obliged to catch it in some manner.

(hands or teeth, its your choice...*shrugs*)

5. In the event that a player elects to not have fun, and catches the frisbee with their face, a game of Tag may be substituted at said injured player's discretion, depending of their degree of eye watering and desire to throttle me.

6. Although slightly less fun, it shall be agreed upon that a player may preemptively thwart surprise frisbee attacks by directly asking to play, and participating in at least five tosses - even if they suck. This will be sufficient effort on your part to humor me until next we meet.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

the smiler

So the other day, I woke up at about 5 am, way before the alarm clock, and realized, as i struggled towards consciousness, that i must've been smiling in my sleep. My mouth was all dried out and my lip was plastered way up above the gumline. I can only imagine how creepy that must've looked...
Me carelessly sprawled on the bed, French curled up by my side...swaddled in down duvet and egyptian cotton sheets, first light blushing through the window as the birds begin to chirp in the first days of spring outside... brow completely unfurrowed by the daily grind, eyebrows making a gentle accent of circumflex bliss on my forehead...and then....pan down... to the toothy, too wide, perma-grin of a hapless, hungry zombie that has managed to chew its own lips off.

*flashbacks of the movie Seven*


Now that Must've been some Goooooood Dreamin'.

and at least i'm not a chatterer like e-dot.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok, so,
My shift at the Good Food Company today might best be described as "Nighmarish", or perhaps "a harrowing ordeal"....(it was CRAZY busy, people were weird, people were cranky and then the cash register completely broke and half of the transactions that DID get put through were done on 'void' with no paper trail to track the numbers....wheeeee!)

I was dead tired and ready to drop by the end of the day, so i was completely surprised when one of my tables wanted to make a donation to the "Send April to Africa" fund. I said it was very nice of him and thank you very much, and please help yourself to any of the Photo prints if they should happen to please your eye.... as he left a rather large tip for the table, and i assumed that that was that.

Needless to say i was completely stunned when he wanted to make another transaction for a 250.00 donation for the trip. (!!!!)
I protested that it was too much, and he said, no, I'd been serving him and his family for years, and he strongly believes in helping out people within the community and he thought it was a good cause, and that was that. !

so yeah! pretty awesome!

then at the end of the shift i ended up with a huge wad of tips from the crazy busy day...and when i got home and checked the mail - expecting a huge cell phone bill and not much else- there was a government cheque for 600 bucks in outstanding GST credits. So all told, Travel fund is up a cool 1000 bucks in one amazing day.



Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am sick of apartment hunting.
I am am restless.
I am pacing.
I do not wish to go out.
I cannot bear to stay in.
I am sick of my own company and at a bit of a loss as to how to remedy that (shall i just ask myself, politely, respectfully, and in a non threatening manner to give me some space for a little "me time", away from me?).
I did not want my first entry to be a rant, and yet here it is....undeniably rant-ish.


and i have a sneaking suspicion that the retardedly happy good bliss high phase of a delicious crush is fizzling...and i so don't want it to, not yet...not so soon...

i want to smoke.
i do not want to smoke.

the apartment needs cleaning.
i do not want to clean.

i am annoyed
and annoying!


and apathetic.